Recent Works

Collaboration with Dance:

  • maneuvers / groove space, collaboration with dance and performance art.
  • YBRIDE, collaboration with dance and visual art.

Live Performance:

  • Pointing at things: It started when you read this, Marking tape, Postcard Scores, Video and Audio Playback.
  • Re-Constructing Music for the Violin, Solo Violin.
  • Four Folk Dances, Orchestra.
  • On Tougher Self Will, Wind Quintet.
  • Playing to Learn the Piano, for untrained musician.
  • Adrian Boult Hall ist kaputt: by Brass, for Large Brass Ensemble and Narrator.
  • Biography and Pushing a Piano, for German, French and English Speaking Performers.
  • Giving Constructive Criticism, for Voice, Saxophone Quartet and Slide Show.
  • somewhere where the Sun comes up, for solo piano.
  • Learning the Trombone, for Performer with Speaker and Recorded Tape
  • How many times do I blink in a day: £108 – Art Never Lies, for Timpani, Narrator and Stage hand.

Performance Installations:

  • Swing Music, Badge Scores.
  • Energy Rescue Manoeuvre, Performance artist and Audio Playback. (Collaboration with Nino Baumgartner)
  • elton John Cage the songbird,  installation and performed guided tour.
  • (with accompaniment), installation in response to Susan Phillipsz, Broken Ensemble.

Video, visual or text-based works:

  • COM(Interruption)FORT, visual.
  • Culturally Relevant Phonetic Alphabet (Switzerland), visual/arrangement.
  • A Collaboration with Another Medium, film.
  • Choreography No. 3, visual/printed postcard.
  • Conceptual Choreography No.3, performance/film.
  • Bob and Cynthia, film.
  • Grieg, film.
  • The anti-tiredness driving aid sample, tape.
  • Bullshit factory, visual.
  • Eaten, visual.
  • Definition Song – Health, voice and instrument.
  • Definition Song – And, voice and instrument.
  • Definition Song – Safety, voice and instrument.
  • Artistic Biography Model, visual, business card.
  • staC, tape.
  • Practical Desktop Organiser, visual.
  • I ____ The Hard Way, visual.